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Reinventing Reading Experience

Loomee Inc, Created  the smart book light is the perfect product for people who are always reading at night or in low light conditions. It lets you place a bright light on top of the book so that it's always easy to read, and has dimming and optional colors of light so you can enjoy a comfortable reading experience. It counts how long you've been reading and pages read to keep track of your progress, which will make it easier for you to stay motivated and improve your reading skills over time. The Book light makes a great gift for book lovers of all ages!


Best Position For Illumination

The double-sided smart design always holds the light in the middle of the book, spreading it perfectly on both pages

Intuitive User Experience

Loomee is a book light that stays on top of your book. The plug-and-use approach makes this product a natural part of your reading experience.

Battery Life

Loomee reduces waste with  batteries that can be charged through a USB port.


Loomee responds to the environment's darkness by adjusting the dimness of the light, and creates an uninterrupted reading experience.

loomee smart book light front view

Remove The Obstacles and Distractions

Loomee connects to your book through the book cover, never creating obstacles for any pages. The smooth surface of the arms do not damage the book and the light never leaves the book and disturbs the outside.


"I really need a book light like this. " 


Available on AppStore


Loomee - Product Presentation

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